Monday, November 5, 2012

Temporarily Coping With a Job You Hate

Have you ever worked at a job that you simply hated? You know, the job that makes you dread just waking up in the morning to go there? The job that puts you in a sour mood as soon as you walk in? The job that literally makes you cry the moment you think about it?
The obvious answer would be to just quit. Although, when one thinks about the current state of our economy, this is clearly a bad idea, such is not always the case. Some people cannot handle one more day in their current position- so they just leave. Interestingly enough, if financed correctly and with the right plan, their decision may work out for the best.
You can read one man’s success story here.
Nevertheless, this is just too much of a risk for many. Thankfully, there are ways that one can temporarily cope with a job that they hate. I say temporarily, because I personally believe that one should always continue to evolve as a professional- and that is impossible to do when you hate your job. Therefore if you are not pleased with your current position you should do whatever it takes to move on to one that makes you happy.
Bellow are three steps that are essential to getting by at a job you dislike:
  1. Think positive: Sounds cliche, however, this is the most important step to take. Changing your mind set will not make your job better but it will make your reaction to your job better- and this is just as important. As Greek philosopher Epictetus said, It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.  There are several things one can do to improve his or her attitude while at work:
    • Do not engage in negative thoughts or behavior: If a group of your co-workers are bashing your boss, walk away. Participating in such behavior will just make you more restless and make you hate your job even more.
    • Continue to be a professional: Smile, be polite, say "Good Morning" to your co-workers. Giving attitude and being rude will not get you anywhere at work.
    • More here.
  2. Use your work resources: Every job, no matter how mundane, has resources. Use them to make yourself a better professional. 
    • Participate in trainingsTrainings allow you to gain new skills.  These skills that can help you obtain your next job. 
    • Learn from your co-workers & superiors:  For example, you may not like your boss but you must admit he/she gives great presentations.  Study him/her. Emulate his/her behavior.  What can you learn from him/her that will make you a better presenter?
    • Study your company:  If you are interested in the industry that you are in, study your company in relation to it. What makes your company successful in your field? In what areas can it improve? What can you learn from your company that you can take with you elsewhere in order to be a better a more knowledgeable employee?
  3. Do not take your work home with you: Keep the job at the job.  Do not let it consume your outside life.  Your time at home should be used for building- building relationships and building yourself.  Do not let the stress of the office cloud your personal growth. 
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