Thursday, January 3, 2013

Work Resolutions 2013

New Year, new you.  Or at least a better you.  As arbitrary as New Year resolutions are, there is something quite prolific about the idea of personal improvement. For 2013 you may want to eat healthier, exercise more, spend your money more wisely, but while you’re at it, why not strive to be a better professional as well?

Every individual should have a set of unwritten rules they follow while at work. Different from company policies, these rules should have personal stake. They should add value to your work day; help you avoid the pitfalls that many fall under during the 9 to 5. Although your rules may differ from mine, the sentiment should be the same: being the best professional you can be.
My New Year resolution is to follow these at all times:
  1. Practice Etiquette.   Do this, not only because it is the professional thing to do, but because good manners go a long way. People will always remember the way you made them feel. If you show respect for others, chances are you will get respect back.  Here are just some examples:
    • Say Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening
    • Say please and thank yo
    • Hold the door for the person behind yo
    • Shake hands when meeting somebody for the first time
    • Be nice to everybody, regardless of their position
    • Respond promptly to e-mail
    • Be on time
  2. Stay away from gossip.  Gossip, especially in the workforce, is seldom positive. Stay away from it. If you happen to come across it anyway, forget about it immediately, do not repeat it. A woman I very much admire, always said to me
    "Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your destiny”
    Negative words lead to negative events. Let somebody else be the carrier of that burden.
  3. Dress for success.  Sure you want to be comfortable, but that does not mean you should look sloppy. Try your best to look polished and put together. Follow your company‘s dress code, it is there for a reason. If there is no formal dress code, observe the way that most of your co-workers dress, chances are there is an unwritten code there somewhere (no street attire, no reveling clothing etc). Use your best judgment.
  4. Do even the most tedious task with professionalism.  The reality is that although your title may be fancy, sometimes your duties are not, and guess what? You have to do them anyway. Try to complete these monotonous tasks, for lack of a better word, without complaining. Nobody likes a grouch, do not be the worker people do not want to be around. Sometimes certain things just have to be done, put your best face forward and do it.
  5. Always strive for more.  Do not stop until you have reached your professional goals. Strive for success at all levels. Never stop developing- personally and professionally. There is always something new to learn. Make it a goal to get closer and closer to your dream with each passing day. Be a better worker tomorrow then you are today.
What are your work resolutions for the New Year?

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