Monday, April 8, 2013

Do Good Work

Doing good work speaks for itself. It gives you credibility, it gets you noticed, but most importantly it is rewarding. In my opinion, it is a philanthropy that should transcend the workplace and be applied to how you live your life.

Henry David Thoreau urged us to “Be not merely good…[but]…Be good for something”.  Lucky for us, the ways to do so are countless.

Concern Worldwide US is an organization concerned with eradicating poverty in poor countries throughout the world. Founded in Ireland in 1968, it is a non-governmental, international partnership that has targeted poverty for over 40 years focusing on five key areas: Education, Emergency Response, Health, Livelihoods and HIV/AIDS.

Their 15th Annual Concern Spring Run is taking place on APRIL 13 at 9:30am in CENTRAL PARK.

Join or Donate here

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